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Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2020 –(– Insurance companies are well known for granting their clients a vast number of discounts. A person can be eligible for discounts for all sorts of reasons, from the obvious ones, like being a safe driver, up to being member to certain clubs or working for a certain company.These are the most valuable discounts:

· Online discounts. Many insurance companies encourage drivers to shop online for car insurance. Sopping online cuts some costs for insurance companies, especially the fees of insurance agents. And many companies agree that buying online should be rewarded. Some companies offer a 10%-15% off for online purchases.

· Multi-vehicle discounts. It is quite common for families to own multiple cars. It comes quote logically to insure those cars under the same contract. It is less hassle and paperwork to pay just a single bill. Plus, insurance companies will provide a discount which is directly proportional with the number of insured cars.

· Switching carrier discounts. Some companies are more than happy to greet new customers who have changed their insurers. Offering newcomer discounts is a good marketing strategy.

· Going paperless. Living in a highly-digital world has its advantages. Policyholders can choose to go paperless. That means paying premiums electronically, via a bank account, have proof of insurance stored digitally and even get some apps. Choosing to go paperless also saves the insurer some money.

· Paying-in-full. Paying the full coverage in advance is also greatly rewarded by the insurance company. The value of the discount also varies, with some of the best offers ranging around 15%.

· Safety gear discount. Insurance companies provide discounts to drivers who choose safe cars to drive. Cars equipped with crash avoidance technology and anti-theft devices will help drivers get a series of discounts.

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