Cheap Car Insurance 2020 – Presents Top Ways to Get Better Car Insurance Rates is a top auto insurance brokerage website, providing car insurance quotes online from trustworthy agencies all over the United States. This website presents several tips for getting better car insurance rates.

Los Angeles, CA, February 21, 2020 –(– Insurance expenses can rise to several thousands of dollars per year. It all depends on several factors, including the model of the vehicle, driving experience and history, coverage limits, annual mileage and so on. Drivers can get better rates if they:· Maintain a clean driving record. Although this may seem obvious, being a safe driver is the best way to keep premiums under control. Furthermore, being a safe driver and staying with the same driver for a number of consecutive years will grant a driver access to some discounts and bonuses. Avoid traffic violations, like speeding, ignoring signs and red light or DUI/DWI. Accumulating too many traffic violations may determine the insurer to cancel current and future bonuses.

· Be honest when declaring the main driver. Some people lie when applying for car insurance and assign a more experienced person as main driver. This is called “fronting” and it is considered a fraud. If this is discovered (usually after a claim), the insurance company will decline the claim and will begin a thorough investigation. The fraud will be recorded and any insurance company will know who they are dealing with.

· Do not borrow the car to inexperienced drivers. Even if his relatives or friends ask it, if they are horrible drivers, the policyholder should respectfully decline. If those persons commit or get involved in an accident, the insurer will investigate the case and the policyholder will be held responsible.

· Pay the premiums in advance. Paying-in-full is a smart way to reduce the insurance costs. As advertised by many online forms, paying everything in advance can save the policyholder as much as 15%.

· Avoid filing claims for minor accidents. It is not recommended to bother the insurer for just a few scratches or dents which can be easily repaired and will cost little. Compare the repair costs with the existing deductibles.

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