Press release: aha insurance goes live

Waterloo, Ontario, September 25, 2017:  Ignite Insurance[1] and Ignite Holdings[2] are very proud to announce that aha insurance, the revolutionary online auto and home insurance service, is available today for the auto insurance market, and coming soon, the home insurance market, in Ontario, Canada.

aha insurance provides a robust fully digital platform enabling Ontarians seeking insurance the ability to get a quote, purchase and manage their policies completely online, and on any device. The elegant and simple interface enables customers to operate on their own terms, at their own pace, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Designed to be continuously optimized for the user, the experience is enhanced by a friendly and intuitive interactive way to ask and get any questions answered. Safe, secure and quick, the aha insurance experience puts the consumer in the driver’s seat.

Steve Livingstone, aha insurance CEO said, “our industry has been slow to respond to evolving consumer expectations and buying habits not just in the retail world, with offerings like Amazon, but also in financial services, exemplified by the emergence of companies like Wealthsimple. aha insurance demonstrates that the customer can get what they truly expect today, in the home & auto insurance space, and we are excited to take on the opportunity and challenge.”

aha insurance backs up its promise of giving its customers complete control by providing omnichannel communication allowing them to move seamlessly from an online chat to call centre conversation with no repetition of information and no additional forms to fill out.

Tanya Peretti, aha insurance CMO said, “We strive to be Empowering, Consistent, Transparent and Effortless when it comes to Canadians getting and managing their own insurance. Those are the four pillars of the organization and the driving philosophy behind aha insurance and all that we do to put the customer in control because we know, Control Feels Great.”

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